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The fax sent to Marty McFly after he was "terminated" by Mr. Fujitsu.

CusCo was a company in Hill Valley in 2015, which was located at 11249 Business Center Road and had the zip code (or, possibly, the telephone number, according to one theory) 95420-4345. Ito T. Fujitsu was a supervisor at the plant, with Marty McFly and Douglas J. Needles working for him.

Needles called Marty on the video telephone to perform an illegal action using Marty's CusCo credit card that would turn profit for him, but "The Jitz" was monitoring the scan and subsequently fired — or "terminated" — Marty from his job, sending a fax with the words "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" on company letterhead.

When his mother saw the fax that Fujitsu sent, Marty tried to claim it was a joke.

When Marty ended up not colliding with the Rolls-Royce in his truck in 1985, the words "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" vanished from the copy of the fax Jennifer took from one of the fax machines in the McFly residence in 2015.

Behind the scenes

  • On the fax, the zip code for Hill Valley, California, is given as 95420. In real life, 95420 is the zip code for Caspar, California, a town on the Pacific coast in Northern California.
  • While 95420-4345 might be a phone number, telephone numbers (including the area code) normally have ten digits, and fictional phone numbers invariably begin with "555".  Beginning in 1984, the five digit zip codes used in America were sometimes followed by a four digit number, in what was referred to as "ZIP + 4".


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