Marty's Converse shoes in 1955

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star was a popular shoe made by Converse throughout the 20th century. Marty McFly wore a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars while he was in 1955, because his 1985 Nike shoes were out of place. After changing into dress shoes for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, Marty put back on his Nikes to go back to the future, and left the Converse shoes behind at Doc's home. When Marty drove Doc home after returning to 1955 from 1985A, he wore the Converse shoes again while his Nikes dried out. He decided to wear them in 1955 when assisting Emmett Brown at the Delgado Mine.[1] When Marty prepared to travel to 1885, he wore the Nikes again, despite Doc's admonitions to change into boots, and left the Converse shoes behind.



  1. "A letter from Doc" Hill Valley Online. Accessed February 17, 2008.

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