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This is a chronology of the events of the Back to the Future universe, including the animated series, the comics, Back to the Future: The Game, Back to the Future: The Card Game and Doc Brown Saves the World.

Note that each timeline includes everything in the previous timelines except where deviations occur.

Timeline 1 - Before time travel

Cretaceous Period

  • Date unknown: A meteor strikes the Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.[1]

1st century A.D.







  • 1883
  • 1884
    • Dates unknown
      • Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen shoots twelve men, not including Indians or Chinamen, before the end of this year according to a newspaper article. The article has no follow-ups because Tannen killed its editor for writing an unfavorable report about him. [11]
      • Martha Clayton died.




  • 1910
  • 1914
  • 1915
    • Date unknown: Marty's grandmother and Lorraine's mother, Stella Baines, is born.
  • 1917:
    • Friday, April 6: The United States declares war on Germany. Due to hostility against German-Americans during World War I, Doc's father changes his family's name from "Von Braun" to "Brown". [15]
    • Date unknown: Arthur McFly joins the U.S. Army and is shipped over to France, but is not sent into combat. When it is discovered that he is only 16 years old, he is sent home. [17]





  • 1950
    • Date unknown: 12-year-old George McFly tries standing up for his friend Billy Stockhausen, but fails to do so.
  • 1952
    • Friday, February 15: Emmett Brown considers wrestling "Mad Maximus" but never shows up for the match.
  • 1954
  • 1955
    • Date unknown: Old Man Peabody tries to breed pine trees on his farm, Twin Pines Ranch. He grows a pair of twin pines.[23]
    • Saturday, November 5:
      • Biff Tannen and his gang pick on George McFly at Lou's Cafe. Biff warns George never to go into Lou's Cafe again. Although Goldie Wilson urges George to stand up for himself, George ignores the advice.
      • George rides his bike to the Baines residence and spies on Lorraine Baines undressing. He falls from the tree, and Sam Baines hits him with his car. Lorraine cares for George while he's hurt, and develops a crush on him, feeling that he was like a little lost puppy.
      • Doc Brown slips off his toilet whilst hanging a clock and has a vision of the flux capacitor.[24]
    • Saturday, November 12:
      • George and Lorraine kiss for the first time at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance at Hill Valley High School. It is at that moment that Lorraine realizes that she is going to spend the rest of her life with George McFly.
      • 10:04 p.m.: Lightning strikes the clock tower at precisely 10:04 p.m., damaging and stopping the seven-decade-old timepiece.
  • 1956
    • Date unknown: Ellen Baines is born to Sam and Stella Baines
    • Date unknown: Lyon Estates, the future home of George and Lorraine McFly and their kids in 1985, is completed.
    • Date unknown: George McFly and Lorraine Baines graduate from Hill Valley High School.


  • Date unknown: George McFly and Lorraine Baines are married. Earliest possible time for them to move to Lyon Estates.
  • 1962

Timeline 2 - After Doc uses the temporal field capacitor


  • 1962
    • Wednesday, August 1: Doc receives a message from himself from two months into the future, delivered through time by his prototype temporal field capacitor. The build-up of flux energy created by sending an object so far into the past caused Doc's mansion to be destroyed by the resulting fire. The fireproof garage is the only surviving structure, and Doc moves into it.
    • Wednesday, October 24: Upon seeing the charred remains of the mansion, Lomax and Groves came and left, without ever talking to Doc, when Goldie Wilson informed them that most people in Hill Valley viewed him as an insurance thief.
    • Wednesday, October 25: Doc no longer had a working temporal field generator to send himself a message, and it isn't explicitly stated, but since Doc is worried about creating paradoxes it is likely he sent a letter to himself on August 1st in this timeline at some point as well.
    • Sunday, October 28: The Cuban Missile Crisis resolved itself, but Groves and Lomax were determined to find someone to build a time machine since the crisis nearly got out of hand.
    • Dates unknown:
      • Doc is awarded insurance money when the investigation into the cause of the fire is ruled to be inconclusive. He uses this money to fund his inventions, including the improved temporal field generator Mk II. This new model still only works within the machine's lifespan, but it allows travel into the past without overheating. Doc was careful not to use this device too much, as one test nearly resulted in the destruction of the fabric of reality.
      • Lomax and Groves went to another scientist, Marcus Irving, letting him believe that he was their first choice for the project. Irving agreed to the project, and spent the next 24 years unsuccessfully working on time travel.
  • 1963
    • Date unknown: Tab, the drink that Marty tries to order in 1955, is introduced. [28]
    • Tuesday, November 5: Dave McFly is born to George and Lorraine McFly.
  • 1964
  • 1966
    • Date unknown: Linda McFly is born to George and Lorraine McFly.
    • Date unknown: Studebaker halts all remaining automobile production.[29] The Statler Motors' dealership has switched to selling Toyota cars by then.
  • 1967
  • 1968


  • Date unknown: Doc sells off the rest of the land, where his mansion was located before it burned down, to commercial developers. Only his garage remains.[32]
  • 1973
  • 19761977
    • Date unknown: 8-year-old Marty accidentally sets fire to the living room rug. His parents don't go easy on him. [33]


  • 1980
    • Date unknown: 12-year-old Marty McFly skateboards down the courthouse steps, receiving a scar on his left knee.
  • 1981
    • Date unknown: The DeLorean DMC-12 car that Doc Brown ends up buying is first manufactured.
    • Date unknown: Biff Tannen Jr. is born to Biff Tannen and an unknown woman.
  • 1982
    • Date unknown: Pepsi Free, the drink Marty tries to order in 1955, is introduced.[34]
    • Saturday, October 2: Marty sneaks into Doc Brown's garage in an attempt to get an interocitor tube to replace the one Douglas J. Needles broke. Doc is impressed with Marty's ingenuity in solving the traps Doc set to keep people out of his garage, as well as Marty's honesty in admitting that he sneaked into the garage for the tubes. He hires Marty as his assistant. According to the original Part I script, Doc hired Marty to sweep his garage. Doc gave Marty total access to his record collection, and they became friends.
  • 1983
    • Sunday, May 22: Ronald Reagan announces he will run for a second term in office.
    • Date unknown: Marty sneaks out of his house at night to meet his friends, and his mother hears the sound of a skateboard and comes after him in the car. Marty recalls the incident when he sneaks out again two years later. [35]
  • 1984
    • June: Linda McFly graduates in the Class of '84.
  • 1985
    • Saturday, October 12: Libyan terrorists steal plutonium from the local power plant so Doc can build them a nuclear weapon.[24] It is dismissed by the FBI as a "simple clerical error". [36]
    • Friday, October 25:
      • 8:18 a.m. Openings titles of "Back to the Future." All the clocks are set 25 minutes slow, displayed incorrectly as 7:53 a.m.
      • 8:25 a.m. Doc asks Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 a.m. next morning.
      • Marty arrives to school late, then fails his audition with his band, The Pinheads, later after school.
      • Marty admires a black Toyota Hilux 4X4 on a flatbed truck at the Texaco gas station.
      • A woman asks Marty for a donation to preserve the non-functioning clock tower, handing him a flyer containing specific date and time details about the lightning strike to the clock. Marty puts the flyer in his pocket.
      • Lorraine's brother Joey fails to make parole again.
    • Saturday, October 26:
      • 12:28 a.m. Doc calls Marty to stop by at his garage to pick up his JVC camcorder.
      • 1:16 a.m. Marty arrives at Twin Pines Mall.
      • 1:18 a.m. Doc demonstrates Temporal Experiment #1.
      • 1:20 a.m. Einstein becomes the first time traveler in the world by departing one minute into the future. (This time jump does not create a new timeline. Timelines are only created by going back in time. Einstein merely moves one minute forward. The Doc states this is the case with timelines in the blackboard scene in Part II.)
      • Time Circuits BTTF

        The DeLorean's time circuits as they appeared one minute after the first demonstration.

        1:21 a.m. Einstein arrives at one minute into the future.
      • 1:33 a.m. Emmett Brown is shot dead by Libyan terrorists.
      • 1:35 a.m. Marty flees from the Libyans in the DeLorean and accidentally departs 1985 for 1955 by accelerating to 88 m.p.h.

Timeline 3 - After Marty travels to 1955


  • 1955
    • Saturday, November 5:
      • Marty McFly arrives from the year 1985 and crashes into the barn at Otis Peabody's ranch. Peabody's son, Sherman, thinks Marty is an alien and Otis chases him out. Marty knocks down one of Old Man Peabody's two pine trees. Peabody later reported that he saw an "alien", but was declared insane and was sent to the County Asylum.
      • After meeting the teenage counterpart of his father at Lou's cafe, Marty follows him.
      • Sam Baines accidentally hits Marty with his car. Calling himself Calvin Klein after the name printed on his underwear, Lorraine wants "Calvin" to stay the night until he feels better.
      • Marty hastily leaves the Baines residence and seeks out Doc Brown. He explains how Doc got the bruise from the accident that he had earlier in the day, and shows him the DeLorean time machine. Doc agrees to help him get back to 1985.
    • Sunday, November 6: Doc realizes that Marty has interfered with his parents' first meeting and that he and his siblings will be erased from existence unless Marty can get them together. He tells Marty that it is imperative that they get back together, and helps Marty in doing that as he works on his plan to use the Hill Valley lightning strike that Marty told him about to send Marty back to 1985.
    • Monday, November 7: Marty, as "Calvin Klein", goes to Hill Valley High School to try and get George and Lorraine together, but she has developed a crush on Marty instead of George.
  • Tuesday, November 8:
    • Marty, wearing a radiation suit and describing himself as "Darth Vader, an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan", visits George in the middle of the night, to try and convince him to take Lorraine to the dance that Saturday.
    • Marty defeats Biff Tannen in a skateboard chase around Courthouse Square, causing Biff and his gang to crash into a parked manure truck.
  • Wednesday, November 9: Marty decides to take Lorraine to the dance, but comes up with a plan for Saturday night that will see George become a "fighter" for Lorraine.
  • Saturday, November 12:
    • Marty takes Lorraine to the dance, but Marty is thrown into a trunk by Biff's gang. Biff tries to assault Lorraine, but George punches Biff, saving Lorraine and causing her to fall in love with him.
    • Marty plays Johnny B. Goode when he stands in as guitar player for Marvin Berry and the Starlighters, since Marvin Berry cut his hand when rescuing Marty from the trunk.
    • Marvin calls up his cousin Chuck and holds up the telephone so he can hear Marty playing the song that he had yet to publish.
    • George pushes a classmate out of the way when he tries to cut in when George and Lorraine are dancing, and they kiss, falling in love with each other.
    • At the clock tower, Marty tries to give Doc a note warning him about his death in 1985, however Doc tears it up and tells him to get to the starting point.
    • At 10:04pm, lightning strikes the clock tower at the precise moment the DeLorean hit 88 m.p.h., successfully sending 1.21 gigawatts of electricity into the lightning rod Doc attached to the DeLorean's nuclear reactor, sending Marty back to 1985.


  • 1962
    • Thursday, October 25: Doc's fears about ushering an arms race through time are intensified, as he now knows that his experiments will be a success. He has a nightmare about Marty returning in the DeLorean, speaking Russian. In his dream, they travel to the 1980s, however there are elements from several time periods present and nuclear bombs are dropping from the sky. Just before he wakes up from his nightmare, his vision of Marty disappears, leaving only the down vest that he was wearing when they first met.


  • 1985
    • Saturday, October 26
      • At 1:24 a.m, Marty returns from his first trip to 1955, eight days older. He runs from Courthouse Square over to what is now the Lone Pine Mall, and discovers that Doc lived because he wore a bulletproof vest. He reassembled the letter that Marty had written him in 1955.
      • Doc drops Marty off home, and Marty goes to bed. Doc then travels in the DeLorean from 1985 to 2015.
      • Marty wakes up in the morning and finds that the interior of his house has changed, and the lives of his family members have also improved, due to his altering the events of his mother and father's first meeting each other in 1955. His father is now a successful writer, his mother is no longer an alcoholic, his brother works at an office instead of at Burger King, and his sister is now more popular. He also discovers that he owns the Toyota 4x4 that he dreamed of owning, and that he planned to use it to take Jennifer to the lake.
    • Sunday, October 27




Timeline 4 - After Doc travels to 1938 to make himself wealthy




  • 2015
    • Thursday, October 22: Marty Jr. is tried, sentenced and convicted to 15 years in the state penetentary for the robbery.
    • Wednesday, October 28: Marty's daughter Marlene attempts to break her brother out of prison. She is sentenced to 20 years in jail, and later commits suicide while in prison.
    • Dates unknown
      • Doc returns to an unknown time in 2015 to sell one of his comics. He then travels to some point in 2015 to use the discount he won to get a hover conversion by Goldie Wilson III, and has his DeLorean outfitted with a Mr Fusion. Then, he travels to another point, to sell another of his Action Comics at Southby's Auction House for $2.5 million dollars.
      • Doc obtains a false identity under the pseudonym Leroy Brown. He uses this to open an account at the bank, where he stores the rest of his comics. He also uses it to undergo a personal rejuvenation treatment and to place Einstein in a suspended animation kennel.
      • Doc travels further into this year, or beyond, to learn as much as he can about Marty Jr.'s meeting with Griff on October 21.
      • Eventually, Doc leaves 2015 for 1985 to pick up Marty.

Timeline 5 - After Doc travels with Marty and Jennifer from 1985 to 2015


  • 1985
    • Saturday, October 26th: Doc arrives at approximately 10 a.m. and takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015.



  • 2015
    • Date unknown: Holomax Jaws 19 debuts at the theater: "This time, it's really really personal."
    • Wednesday, October 21:
      • The Chicago Cubs win the World Series.
      • Doc Brown, Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker arrive in 2015 to save Marty McFly, Jr. from being set up for a crime by Griff Tannen.
      • Marty poses as Marty Jr. and manages to change future history for the better by causing Griff and his gang to crash into the Hill County Courthouse, resulting in their being arrested.
      • The 47-year-old Marty, dared by Needles, illegally lets Needles scan his card, and subsequently gets fired by Mr. Fujitsu.
      • Biff Tannen steals the DeLorean time machine with the sports almanac in hand. Not knowing how it works, he hits the time circuits with his cane, and the DeLorean travels to an unknown date in the past when it reaches 88 m.p.h.
    • Thursday, October 22: Griff and his gang are sent to jail for wrecking the Courthouse Mall.
    • Friday, October 23: Queen Diana visits Washington, D.C. according to the October 22, 2015 issue of USA Today (of course, in reality, the princess died in 1997).


Timeline 6 - After Biff steals the time machine

Jurassic Period

  • Date unknown: Biff arrives at a time when the area that would become Hill Valley was covered by the Pacific Ocean. He sees the shoreline in the distance, and lands the DeLorean in a forest. He tries to find organic material to put in the Mr. Fusion, as the nuclear reactor light is flashing the warning that it is empty. A baby raptor steals the Blast from the Past bag that holds Grays Sports Almanac, and Biff kills it by hitting it in the head with his cane. He puts the raptor in the Mr. Fusion and travels forward in time to 1955.

3000000 B.C.

  • Date unknown: Dinosaurs still lived on Earth. The meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs occurred this year, and lemon trees existed in the area that would become Hill Valley, possibly due to a butterfly effect caused by Biff's contamination of the space-time continuum.


  • 1955
    • Saturday, November 12
      • Morning. 78-year-old Biff Tannen arrives from 2015 with Gray's Sports Almanac in hand. After hiding the DeLorean in an undetermined location, he then ventures into town to locate his younger self, who has just survived an automotive encounter with a manure truck, creating a lasting memory. As old Biff recalls correctly, his younger self will have to pick up his car from Western Auto later that afternoon.
      • After an argument with Terry over the $302.57 bill, young Biff approaches Lorraine, who, accompanied by Babs, has just picked up her outfit for the dance from Ruth's Frock Shop. As he boasts to her that he will marry her someday, she rebuffs his advances. Biff is then about to jump into his car to drive home and get ready for the evening, when he encounters an elderly stranger occupying the driver’s seat. Although the stranger is mysteriously able to start the car, which no-one can do except Biff himself, Biff apparently fails to recognize him as his older self, who then informs him that "Today’s your lucky day."
      • The elderly Biff, entirely in secret, demonstrates the power of the almanac and convinces his younger self to hold on to it and to "keep it in a safe". He also informs him to kill anyone who has knowledge about the almanac, specifically "some kid" or "a crazy, wild-eyed old man who claims to be a scientist" (referring to Marty and Doc, respectively).
      • 6:38 p.m. The elderly Biff departs 1955 to return the DeLorean undetected, not realizing his younger self might eventually lose the almanac. Doc Brown will fail to notice Old Biff’s departure time on the time readouts in the DeLorean, having distracted himself with thoughts of women and the old West.
    • Saturday, November 13:
      • Biff drives his grandmother to Las Vegas so she can play the slot machines.
      • Since he was only seventeen, he couldn't bet, so he gave money to his grandmother to bet on the Chicago Bears at the Turf Club.
      • Two hours later, while eating at a diner, Biff learned that she didn't bet on the Bears, and lost, making Biff twenty dollars poorer. Biff told her to make another bet, on the Washington Redskins. The Redskins won the game, however she only gave Biff back his twenty dollars, and kept the rest for himself. When Gertrude claimed Biff was as greedy as his father, Biff stated that he learned that from her. She then returned to play the slot machines.
      • Outside of the Turf Club, Biff was approached by a shady man named Uncle Lou, who saw Biff using the almanac to tell his grandmother which teams to pick. He killed Gertrude, and put her in the back of his car to bury her. He planned to steal the almanac, kill Biff, and bury him next to her. However, when he went to hit Biff with a tire iron, Biff caught it and killed him instead. Biff justified the murder in his mind based on the fact that Lou had killed his grandmother.
      • That night, Biff buried Lou, and took all of the money that was in his briefcase.
      • With the money, he went to Al's Photography and paid to cover up the murder of Gertrude by having a death certificate forged that stated she died of natural causes.
    • Monday, November 15:
      • Thirty-six hours after he paid for the death certificate, two officers from the Hill Valley Police Department arrived at the Tannen residence to let Biff know that the executor would be by shortly to work everything out, and offered condolences for the death of his grandmother.
      • Outside Hill Valley High School, Lorraine Baines offered her condolences for the loss of his grandmother, and Biff tried to proposition her, before clumsily trying to apologize for his actions at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
      • Biff then tried to use the death of his grandmother as an excuse to Principal Strickland for his repeated absences. When Strickland told him he would be repeating his senior year for the third time, Biff tried to bribe him with some of Lou's money. Strickland then expelled him from school, and Biff stated that he intended to drop out.
  • 1956
    • June: At the graduation ceremony for the Hill Valley High School class of 1956, Biff dropped a water balloon on Vice Principal Strickland's head.
  • 1958
    • Friday, March 28: Biff Tannen turned 21 and used the Grays Sports Almanac to successfully bet on a horse race and make his first million. [41]
  • 1959
    • Wednesday, October 14: Biff Tannen wins another large sum of money at a sports event. He is seen smiling on the cover page of the next day's edition of the Hill Valley Telegraph.
    • Dates unknown: Biff Tannen wins again and again, gaining the nickname, "The Luckiest Man On Earth." After a member the press tells him that he could win big in Vegas, Biff tells him that he's already been there and that he's going to Hollywood.

The Hill Valley Telegraph reports the murder of George McFly.


  • 1973
    • Thursday, March 15: George McFly is shot dead by Biff on his way to pick up a book award as he was against BiffCo's policies. He is later buried in Oak Park Cemetery.
    • Date unknown: Biff Tannen marries Lorraine and becomes stepfather to Dave, Linda and Marty McFly, shipping Marty off to boarding schools overseas.
    • Date unknown: The 22nd Amendment is repealed, presumably due to lobbying by Biff Tannen, so that Richard Nixon not only avoids impeachment over Watergate, but can run for more than two terms as President of the United States.
  • 1979
    • Dates unknown
      • Biff Tannen's lobbying is successful as the state legalizes gambling.
      • The Clock Tower, described as "Hill Valley's dilapidated courthouse", is re-built as Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel.
      • Hill Valley High School is burned down by vandals. Its burnt-out remains are subsequently surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbwire and bearing a NO TRESPASSING sign from the Hill Valley Police Department.
      • The legal drinking age is reduced to fourteen years thanks in part to Biff's lobbying.[42]



The Hill Valley Telegraph reports that Doc has been committed to a mental ward.

  • 1983
    • Sunday, May 22: Doc Brown is committed to Mental Ward B at the Hill Valley Hospital after being declared legally insane. Richard Nixon announces he will run for a fifth term in office and promises to end the Vietnam War by 1985. BiffCo's representatives announce that the company is going to build a new dioxin plant in Hill Valley and takes over Lone Pine Mall.[43]


  • 2015
    • Wednesday, October 21
      • Biff Tannen returned in the time machine. He was slowly being erased from history, as his changing the past had caused him to no longer be alive in 2015. While he was in pain from the ripple effect catching up to him, he broke his cane off in the DeLorean and left the Blast from the Past bag beind.
      • Doc, Marty, Jennifer and Einstein traveled in the DeLorean from 2015 to 1985, not realizing that the past had been changed.

Timeline 7 - After Marty, Doc, and Einstein arrive in the alternate 1985


  • Saturday, October 26
    • At 9:00 PM, Marty lies his sleeping girlfriend down on the porch swing outside of what he believes is her house, however he is surprised to see bars on the windows.
    • Shortly afterward, Marty arrives at what he believes is his house, however the gate is locked. He jumps over it and opens the window to what he thinks is his bedroom. However, an African-American family now lives in the house, and he lands on the bed of a teenage girl named Loretta. Her father comes into the room and chases Marty out of the house with a wooden baseball bat.
    • Marty discovers the date on the Hill Valley Newspaper on Principal Strickland's porch. He discovers that Hill Valley High School burned down years ago, and Strickland now weilds a shotgun to defend himself from armed teenaged gangs.
    • Upon arriving at Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel, Marty is knocked out by Biff's gang, and is taken to the penthouse suite. He discovers that his mother is married to Biff, his sister had maxed out the limits on her credit cards, his brother is in jail, and his father was murdered in 1973.
    • Doc goes to the closed Hill Valley Public Library and searches for clues that will explain the timeline he has found himself in. He discovers that his counterpart in this timeline has been declared legally insane and has been committed.
    • Doc goes to the County Asylum, where his counterpart is now being held, and bribes the Asylum nurse to let him into his counterpart's room, giving his birth name of Von Braun as his surname. He is shocked to discover that his counterpart can not answer any of his questions as he has been lobotomized.
    • Doc meets up with Marty at Oak Park Cemetery and then they travel to what remains of Doc's lab. He explains that Biff stole the sports almanac, by magnifying a photograph where Biff had the book in his pocket. He tells Marty that they need to find out when Biff gave his younger counterpart the book, as traveling to the future at that point would only result in traveling to the future in that timeline.
    • Marty decided that the only way to find out is to ask Biff, and he heads back to Biff's casino hotel.
    • While Marty is talking to Biff, Doc purchases Archer Space Patrol walkie talkies.
    • Marty let Biff know that he knows about the almanac, and Biff tells him that he was given the book by an old man on November 12, 1955. He also states the old man told him that a kid or a wild haired old man who claimed to be a scientist would show up one day. Biff then fired a gun at Marty, but he caused Biff to miss by shooting an ashtray at him.
    • Biff chased Marty up to the roof, and let him know that he killed his father with the same gun. Marty jumped off the roof, and Biff gloated. He walked to the edge to take a look down at the street and was surprised as Marty rose back up. He was then knocked out when Doc opened up the gull-wing doors of the DeLorean.
    • Marty gives Doc the date, and Doc states that either that date is a significant date in the fabric of time, or it could just be a coincidence. Marty and Doc travel from 1985 back to 1955.

Timeline 8 - After Doc and Marty return to 1955


  • 1955
    • Saturday, November 12:
      • 6:00 a.m. Doc and Marty arrive from 1985 in a DeLorean technologically improved than the one (with depleted plutonium) in which the younger Marty has already arrived. They have left Einstein at Doc's garage and Jennifer Parker safely asleep at home in 1985, as Doc surmises that they will not be erased by any changes to the future that they will make. He also advises Marty that Biff’s initial acquisition of the almanac must not be interfered with, so that the elderly Biff will return the time machine to 2015 thinking he’s succeeded.
      • Later that same morning. The elderly Biff arrives from 2015 (in yet another instance of the DeLorean) with the almanac. He then locates his younger self later that day at Western Auto, picking up his car - and having an argument with Terry over the $302.57 repair bill. As this goes on, Marty smuggles himself into the back seat of Biff's car.
      • Accompanied by Babs, Lorraine has just picked up her outfit for the dance from Ruth's Frock Shop. As young Biff boasts to her that he will marry her someday, she rebuffs his advances. Biff is then about to jump into his car to drive home and get ready for the evening, when he encounters an elderly stranger occupying the driver’s seat. Although the stranger is mysteriously able to start the car, Biff apparently fails to recognize him as his older self, who then informs him that "Today’s your lucky day."
      • Marty, hiding in the back seat of the car, is an intimate witness to the elderly Biff’s demonstration of the power of the almanac, but he does not interfere, as Doc has advised. The young Biff tells his older self he’ll "...take a look at it."
      • 6:38 p.m.: Thinking he’s done enough to change the future, and intending to escape detection, the elderly Biff departs in the DeLorean to the same moment he departed in 2015.
      • 9:28 p.m. Marty retrieves the Sports Almanac from an unconscious Biff, while Doc departs the Lyon Estates construction site to fly towards the roof of Hill Valley High School.
      • A more mature and foreknowledgeable Marty fights off Match, Skinhead and 3-D and keeps them from jumping the naive Marty, allowing the events of that timeline to occur as they had before (i.e., as Marty recalls it from his point of view). Marty avoids any direct contact with his day younger self, until he loses the almanac to Biff again.
      • After much wasted time and effort, Marty ultimately retrieves the almanac from Biff’s car. Biff, who has not paid for the $300 repairs after his first wreck, crashes his '46 Ford a second time, an event that had not happened in any previous timeline. Burning the almanac causes this timeline to fade back, making Old Biff's visit to the past mostly inconsequential, except for Biff's extra encounters with Marty. Marty and Doc are able to visually confirm the erasure of the alternate 1985 from items they’ve retrieved from that alternate future.
      • 9:44 p.m. The hover-converted DeLorean from 2015, with Doc on board, gets unexpectedly struck by lightning just outside Lyon Estates and sent seventy years back in time to January 1, 1885 due to an on-board malfunction Doc neglected to correct.[45]The overload of the time circuits also causes the DeLorean to be temporal duplicated. The temporal duplicate DeLorean is simultaneously sent seventy years into the future, without Doc, to 2025.[46]

Timeline 9 - After Marty is stranded in 1955 Doc is stranded in 1885


  • 1885
    • Thursday, January 1
      • 12:00 a.m. Dr. Emmett Brown accidentally arrives from 1955. The DeLorean's time circuits have been scrambled and shorted out by an overload caused by the lightning bolt, rendering the car useless for time travel and stranding Doc in the past. The overload also permanently damages the car's flying circuits, disabling its hover-conversion feature for good.
    • Stranded in 1885, Doc settles in Hill Valley, where he sets himself up as a blacksmith. He then tries improvising methods in attempting repairs on the DeLorean, only to realize that most of the technology he needs will not be available until the next century (i.e. suitable replacement parts for the time circuits yet to be invented around 1947 at the earliest.) Nevertheless, Doc becomes adept at shoeing horses and repairing wagons, alongside his own experiments using the primitive technology available for the time.
    • Date unknown between January 1 and September 1
      • With the DeLorean's time circuit control microchip shorted out by the lightning bolt, Doc writes detailed instructions (including drawing schematic diagrams) on rebuilding it with 1955-era vacuum tubes and transistors (in a sense, Doc teaches his younger self how to repair the time machine.) He then places these in the DeLorean before burying it in the Delgado Mine, where he hopes it will remain undisturbed and preserved until his younger self and Marty unearth it 70 years hence.
      • Blacksmith Emmett Brown is hired by Buford Tannen to shoe Buford's horse, but is not paid. After getting thrown off his horse and breaking a bottle of whiskey, Buford blames Doc for the accident and demands a total of eighty dollars from him; five dollars for the whiskey and seventy-five dollars for the horse, which was shot.
    • Saturday, July 4: Doc passes out after drinking one shot of whiskey at the 4th of July celebrations.
    • Saturday, August 29: There is a meeting of the townspeople over who will pick up the new schoolteacher on September 4. Doc volunteers.
    • Tuesday, September 1: Having lived in 1885 for 8 months[22], Doc writes a letter to be delivered personally by Western Union to Marty McFly on November 12, 1955 exactly at 9:45 p.m. to the exact stretch of road he was hovering above when he was struck by lightning.
    • Friday, September 4: A train pulls into Hill Valley Station, carrying the new clock for the courthouse - and Clara Clayton aboard as a passenger. Doc meets her at the platform and brings her to the schoolhouse, where the two fall in love. Unknowingly, Doc also prevents Clara's death that day, and Shonash Ravine is never renamed Clayton Ravine in her memory.
    • Saturday, September 5: The Hill Valley Festival. A photographer takes a portrait of Doc posing next to the new courthouse clock (this photo is discovered by Marty and young Doc in 1955 at the library). While Doc dances with Clara, Buford Tannen shoots Doc in the back because he never paid Buford the eighty dollars.
    • Monday, September 7: Doc dies of the bullet wound Tannen caused, and is buried in Boot Hill Cemetery - which is fittingly adjacent to Delgado Mine, where the DeLorean (with repair instructions) is safely buried. Clara, grief-stricken over the loss of her man, erects a headstone on his grave in eternal memory of him.


  • 1955
    • Saturday, November 12:
      • 9:45 p.m. A vehicle driven by a Western Union agent arrives at the entrance to Lyon Estates. The agent delivers to Marty, on time at that specified location, in the pouring rain, the letter Doc dispatched in 1885.
      • 10:05 p.m. Lightning having just struck the clocktower, Marty scares the young Doc by "returning" on foot seconds after Doc sent the younger Marty back to the future, in effect creating an unexpected closed loop (from the young Doc’s point of view). Doc utters "Great Scott!" and suddenly faints. Marty drives the unconscious Doc back to his house in Doc's car.
    • Sunday, November 13:
      • 7:01 a.m.: Young Doc reads the soggy old letter his 30-year-older self wrote seventy years in the past.
    • Monday, November 14: Marty and Doc uncover the DeLorean with repair instructions and his walkie talkie from the Delgado Mine near Boot Hill Cemetery, where the older Doc Brown was buried in 1885. As fate would have it, they also find Doc's grave and learn about Buford Tannen. They elect to photograph the headstone, as it will serve as a "ripple-effect" indicator of Marty’s success in 1885.
      • Marty insists on going back to 1885 to rescue his friend.
    • Tuesday, November 15: Doc repairs and "soups up" the unearthed DeLorean, building a new time circuit with vacuum tubes and transistors. He also fits the DeLorean with new whitewall tires, and installs fresh oversized batteries on his and Marty's walkie talkies.
    • Wednesday, November 16
      • 10:00 a.m. Marty leaves 1955 and heads back to 1885 to rescue Doc.

Timeline 10 - After Marty returns to 1885 and Doc stays in 1885 with Clara


  • 1885
    • Wednesday, September 2:
    • Thursday, September 3:
      • Marty arrives in Hill Valley, and upsets Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, great grandfather of Biff Tannen, at the Palace Saloon, causing Tannen to nearly hang Marty. Doc saves Marty in time. Marty informs Doc of his impending death involving Buford and his infatuation with Clara Clayton. Aware that he will fall in love with Clara and worried about changing his future, Doc decides not to pick her up, as he has already volunteered to do five days ago. He and Marty then decide to leave 1885 and go back to 1985, but Marty notes about the DeLorean's damaged fuel line, realizing that there's no way to get the car up to 88 mph without gasoline, which will not be available until next century.
      • With 6 horses, Doc and Marty ride out to the cave where Marty hid the DeLorean. They attempt to get it to up 88 mph on the way back to Hill Valley, but this proved unsuccessful as Doc explains that even the fastest horses in the world can reach nowhere near that speed.
    • Friday, September 4:
      • Doc tries using whiskey as fuel for the DeLorean's engine, but this only blows the fuel injection manifold, rendering the car completely powerless. He and Marty then think of various alternative methods to get the DeLorean up to 88 mph, but none of them seem practical.
      • A train pulls into Hill Valley Station, carrying the new clock for the courthouse - and Clara aboard as a passenger. This gives Doc and Marty the idea of borrowing the locomotive to push the DeLorean. (They fail to recognize Clara standing behind them at the platform, waiting to be picked up. With no one to meet her, she then rents two horses and a wagon from Joe Statler, then sets out to find the schoolhouse on her own.)
      • Doc and Marty ride out to Carson Spur, near the incomplete Shonash Ravine Bridge, ultimately deciding it is the perfect stretch of level track on which to push the DeLorean up to 88 mph with the locomotive just before they reach the edge of the ravine (over which the completed bridge would then exist upon arriving back in 1985).
      • As Doc and Marty survey the bridge (which is scheduled for completion the following year), Clara's wagon runs away after a snake spooks the horses pulling it. Doc then comes to her rescue, saving her life. It is love at first sight. Much to Marty's horror, he and Doc realize that they unknowingly altered future history, resulting in Shonash Ravine not being re-named in memory of Clara. Marty nevertheless insists on getting the DeLorean ready to get them back to the future.
    • Saturday, September 5:
      • After fitting the DeLorean with flanged steel railroad wheels, Doc uses a makeshift model railroad to demonstrate to Marty the plan on getting them back to the future. Immediately after, Clara arrives, asking Doc to repair her telescope, which had been damaged when it fell off the wagon during the rescue the day before. Doc, agreeing to perform the repair job without charge, becomes even more smitten with her.
      • Evening. The Hill Valley Festival. Doc and Marty have a photograph taken, posing next to the new courthouse clock (this photo is given to Marty in 1985 by Doc at the spot where the DeLorean was destroyed by a locomotive near Eastwood Ravine). Later on, while Doc and Clara dance, Buford Tannen arrives and attempts to shoot Doc, but Marty interferes and saves him. Buford, angered by Marty's action, calls him "yellow", challenging him to a duel on Monday morning. Aiming to prove himself to Buford that he isn't "yellow", Marty agrees to the face-off, setting it for 8 a.m. that morning.
    • Sunday, September 6:
      • 7:00 a.m. Marty wakes up. After being confronted by Doc about the dangers of fighting Buford, Marty checks his photograph of the tombstone from 1955, and gets a shock. The future in which Doc is killed is replaced by one in which Marty, aka "Clint Eastwood", is likely to be killed.
      • Evening. Doc and Marty haul the DeLorean out to Carson Spur, where they unload the car onto the tracks in preparation for their trip back to the future. Later that night, while an exhausted Marty sleeps, Doc tells Clara the truth and says goodbye to her, but she doesn't believe him. Both are broken-hearted: Doc heads back to town and gets a drink at the Palace Saloon, while Clara prepares to leave Hill Valley.
      • Buford and his gang rob the Pine City stage.
    • Monday, September 7:
      • 8:00 a.m. Marty has a showdown scheduled with Buford Tannen outside Palace Saloon. Marty and Doc escape through the saloon's back door when Buford spots Marty, and again calls him "yellow". Marty still decides not to face Buford, showing an incredible amount of growth from a mere day earlier, and is about to walk away when Buford and his gang get a hold of Doc and threaten to shoot him.
      • A train pulled by Locomotive 131 pulls into Hill Valley Station. Clara, deeply upset over losing Doc, then boards it before it departs for San Francisco.
      • Marty decides to face Buford, who then shoots Marty in the chest. Using a trick learned from the Clint Eastwood movie A Fistful of Dollars (which was being watched by Biff in 1985), Marty survives, much to Buford's surprise. Marty then throws several punches at Buford, finally knocking him face-first into a manure cart, to the delight of the townspeople.
      • Buford and his gang are arrested for the robbery of the Pine City stage.
      • Taking one last look at the photo of the tombstone, Marty and Doc are relieved as it disappears (after having been damaged from Marty's punch-out with Buford). The future in which Marty is killed is replaced by one in which both Doc and Marty survive. They then head off to the railroad line to follow the train that had just departed.
      • Meanwhile, on board the train, Clara overhears a passenger talking about the heartsick Doc; her belief restored, she stops the train and jumps off to find him. She discovers clues at the blacksmith shop and rides on horseback towards Carson Spur. She must reach Doc before he vanishes forever.
      • Doc and Marty ride after the train which had just left Hill Valley earlier that morning. They then stop it just before it hits the switchtrack with Carson Spur, then hijack its locomotive to push the DeLorean up to 88 mph toward Shonash Ravine so they may both go back to the future (1985). Marty succeeds in doing so, but Doc, who has gone to Clara's rescue on the accelerating locomotive, and Clara are forced to stay behind. Doc now has the hoverboard and one of the walkie talkies. Since "Clint" was observed stealing the locomotive and is presumed to have gone down with it, he enters the town's folklore as the man who beat Mad Dog Tannen, and Shonash Ravine is renamed Eastwood Ravine.
      • 9:00 a.m. Marty departs 1885 and finally returns to 1985.
    • Tuesday, December 15: Doc and Clara are married. [47]
  • 1886
    • Date unknown: Doc and Clara's elder son, Jules Eratosthenes Brown, is born. [48]
  • 1888


  • Dates unknown
    • While Doc tells his sons stories of his time travel adventures and reads them stories by the fireplace, Clara wishes that she could go to his time period. Doc is happy in his life as a blacksmith and father, but Clara feels restrained by the limits imposed upon her as a 19th century woman.
  • 1890
  • Unknown date: After unsuccessfully attempting to generate the amount of electricity needed for time travel, Doc tells the story of how he and Marty first met to his sons Jules and Verne, the latter of whom Clara mentions is only two years old.
  • 1891 - 1893
  • Unknown dates:
  • Doc purchases a steam locomotive and begins to converts it into a time train.
  • Doc improved the presto logs that he used to send make the boiler burn hot enough to send Marty back to 1985.
  • Doc pays railroad workers to lay down fifty yards of track, as he surmises this will be enough length to break the time barrier.
  • 1893
    • Unknown date: Doc finishes the Jules Verne train, but is reluctant to show it to his family. Clara tells him that she already knows about it, as he can't hide anything from her.
    • Monday, June 12
      • The Brown family attempts a trip to 1985 in the time train, but they fail. Just as the train appears to be breaking the time barrier, it crashes at the end of the tracks. Marshall Strickland and his son Roger run to the train to help Emmett and his family. Everyone is alright, but Doc debates whether to just stay where he is. He is sure that Marty would take care of Einstein, and he is happy living with Clara and their sons.
      • Clara decides to tell Emmett the truth, and lets him know that she wouldn't be happy if he gave up. She wants to travel through time. He lets him know that time travel isn't just his dream, but one that they both share. Jules and Verne tell him that it is their dream too, and that they all want to travel to see the future for themselves.
      • Clara points out a man on a steam tricycle, and Emmett realizes that someone has invented an automobile. The man informs him that the device was created by Léon Serpollet in France, and that he had imported it, at great expense.
      • Doc asks him how fast it can go. The man tells him that he had driven it as fast as eighteen miles an hour. Clara and Doc then decide that is a good start, and decide to work together to make their dream a reality.
    • Unknown date: Doc examines the technology in the hoverboard, and is able to create a frictionless dynamo that can create multiples of the 1.21 gigawatts needed for time travel, which would improve the time machine's ability to break the time barrier.
    • Doc uses a Serpollet steam tricycle to create his steam time car. He combines it with a diving suit as the human body would not be able to survive the stresses of space-time and the temperature variation without protection.
    • He also surmises that the steam time car wouldn't survive a second trip, so he builds a time parachute, which, when combined with the removable time circuits, flux capacitor, and frictionless dynamo from the steam time car, can be used to travel through time. He connected it to a hot air balloon, which would rise to a distance of half a mile. The person in the time parachute would fall at a rate of 35 feet per second per second, and would reach 88 mph between four and five seconds, successfully reaching the speed needed to break the time barrier and travel through time.
    • Sunday, August 13: Doc Brown left his family for the future in the steam time car, intending to go to 2015 to pick up items he needed to complete the Jules Verne train. The time travel was a success, however due to the 19th century parts he had to use, there was a fluctuation in the space-time continuum. Doc ended up in 2035 instead of 2015, and, although he told his family he'd return seconds after he left, he didn't return home that night.


  • 1985
    • Sunday, October 27:
      • 11:00 a.m.Marty McFly returns from 1885 and the stopped DeLorean is almost immediately demolished head-on by a diesel locomotive approaching the Eastwood Ravine Bridge in the opposite direction. Marty escapes. He returns home to see everything is back to normal. He then drives over to check on his sleeping sweetheart. She is just as Doc predicted.
      • In a virtuous display of uncharacteristic self-restraint, Marty decides not to race Needles, and avoids crashing into a Rolls Royce, thus erasing the future experienced in 2015. Jennifer surprises Marty with the fax she retrieved from 2015, and it "ripples" into a blank sheet of paper. She discovers the hidden truth about time travel, exclaiming: “It erased!” Marty takes her to see the remains of the DeLorean. Marty finds the photograph that was taken of Doc and himself in front of the unfinished clock tower in 1885, only the side of the photograph that showed Doc was burnt away. Doc and his family don't arrive in this timeline.

Timeline 11 - After Doc uses the steam time car


  • 1893
    • Monday, August 14: Doc has been missing for a day, so Clara writes a letter and brings it to the Western Union, as Doc had done years earlier. She leaves the note with instructions for it to be delivered to Marty at "the highest attainable level of education prior to university, on the first Monday of March, 1986".
  • 1986
    • Monday, March 3
      • Marty is feeling depressed, as he feels that is life is boring without Doc. He doesn't want to drive his truck, so Jennifer waits for him to pick her up to go to school, but he never arrives.
      • In history class, the Western Union delivery man delivers Clara's note to Marty, stating that his supervisor had experienced a case like this when he was young. His teacher scolded Marty, telling him to only receive mail at his own house, but the letter was given to Marty regardless.
      • Marty goes to lunch, where Jennifer is complaining about Marty's lack of caring for her lately to her friends Tiffany and Michelle. Marty breaks into the conversation and tells Jennifer that he needs to talk to her. He then privately discusses the note with her.
      • After school, Marty and Jennifer drive to Doc's lab, but it's closed tight, and Marty realizes that there is nothing there anymore.
      • Jennifer realizes that Marty didn't see the DeLorean time machine until Doc unveiled it at the mall, and realizes that Doc must have a second lab.
      • They go to check Hill Valley's records, and talk to Goldie Wilson II, who is working there on his way up the political ranks until he can some day be mayor like his father. They discover a building registered under Doc's birth name, Emmett Van Braun.
      • While Jennifer and Marty are investigating the second lab, an amnesiac and confused Doc arrives from 2035 and crashes the steam time car into a stop sign. He walks to his second lab.
      • Marty and Jennifer drive to the location of the second lab, and Marty solves the puzzle on the keypad allowing him to enter, as he did when he first met Doc Brown.
      • Marty absent-mindedly flips a switch on a machine he doesn't recognize, which turns out to be the temporal field generator Mk II. It begins humming, and he backs away.
      • They see another DeLorean, which has not been modified for time travel.
      • He writes a note for Doc, and leaves it in a canister for Doc to pick up in the future.
      • Doc and Jennifer hear a noise, and discover a man in a diving suit stuck in one of Doc's net traps. The man takes off his helmet, and reveals that he's Doc Brown, except he has amnesia, and doesn't recognize Jennifer or Marty. He doesn't even realize that he's a doctor, thinking that Marty was using the name Doc in the same manner as Bugs Bunny.
      • They hear the police, and assume that a silent alarm must have been triggered.
      • Marty drives the DeLorean through the garage door, and, since the DeLorean doesn't have any license plates, is able to outrun the police.
      • Marty and Jennifer try to get Doc to retrace his steps to refresh his memory. They travel to the stop sign and discover a flyer stating it had been taken to Lee Bros. Towing & Repair.
      • They head to the location on the flyer. The man who works there, Jack, would only give them the car for $300.
      • Lacking the money, they decide to steal the car, but spot Needles talking to Jack.
      • Needles begins harassing Marty, and Marty decides to steal the tow truck to which the steam time car is connected.
      • Needles chases him, trying to run him off the road.
      • Jennifer is following them in the DeLorean, with Doc in the passenger seat. She knocks Needles off the road, and he crashes into a delivery truck.
      • They head to Lone Pine Mall, where Doc is regaining some of his memory, but a lot of it is still missing.
      • Marty decides to travel to the time listed on the last time departed panel on the steam time car.
      • Doc reveals his time parachute. Doc dons his diving suit and Marty dons the radiation suit from the DeLorean.
      • They go up in the hot air balloon, and it lets them go. Once they reach 88 m.p.h., they travel forward from 1986 to 2035.


  • 2035
    • Sunday, September 16:
      • Doc realizes he arrived 20 years later than he intended. He goes to his second lab to pick up his clothes, which although 20 years out of date, are better than 19th century clothing.
      • He finds Marty's note, and is confused, since he's not in trouble.
      • He goes to the bank to get a comic from the safety deposit box, however the DNA scan shows that he is only eight years older, rather than twenty. The bank teller believes that he is a cheap clone, and calls the police.
      • Doc is chased by Griff Tannen, who has had behavioral modifications installed and is now a police officer. Griff shoots an electric charge at Doc, intending to disable his implants. However, as Doc doesn't have any, he suffers amnesia.
      • Confused, Doc reaches into his pocket and pulls out Marty's letter. Not knowing what else to do, he drives the steam time car to 1986, at the time and place mentioned in the note.
      • That night, Marty and Doc arrive in 2035 from 2035. The time parachute crashes through the ceiling of a building that was the Lone Pine Mall in 1986, which is now the Lone Pine Fli-Drome.
      • They arrive in the middle of a fliderb, a hoverboard roller derby. As they arrived in a radiation suit and a diving suit, and had crashed through the roof, the fliderb players thought they were terrorists, and called the police.
      • Doc and Marty escape into Bistro Twenty/15. This restaurant was themed on life in 2015, as Cafe 80's was modeled after the 1980s in 2015.
      • Officer Tannen enters Bistro Twenty/15. He recognized Doc as the person who supposedly stole the identity of Leroy Brown. Once he saw the diving suit, he realized that Doc and Marty were the two people who were the cause of the disturbance at the Fliderb.
      • Tannen chased them in his police vehicle while they fled on hoverboards. While they were being chased, Doc fell backwards on his board and hit his head. This shock caused him to remember everything, and he told Marty all about how he had found himself in that situation once they reached Doc's secret lab.
      • It seemed like the two were cornered, however Marty discovered that the machine that he had turned on out of curiosity in 1986 was actually the temporal field generator Mk II. Although the device could only transport objects through time during the time in which the machine had been turned on, since it was turned on nearly fifty years prior, time would not be a factor.
      • Doc donned the diving suit, carried his time parachute and its equipment with him, and used the temporal field generator Mk II to travel back to 2015, leaving Marty behind in 2035.

Timeline 12 - After Doc uses the temporal field generator Mk II


  • 1986
    • Monday, March 3:
    • Doc travels from his second lab to the Lone Pine Mall. He installs the Mr. Fusion he picked up in 2015, along with the time circuits, frictionless dynamo, and flux capacitor from the time parachute into the second DeLorean.
    • Jennifer drives the second DeLorean time machine, with Doc in the passenger seat, from 1986 to 2035 to pick up Marty.


  • 2015
    • Date unknown: Doc arrives in 2015 and uses his false identity to withdraw a comic from his safe at the bank. He purchases a Mr. Fusion, and then heads back to his lab to use the temporal field generator Mk II to pick up Jennifer in 1986.


  • 2035
    • Sunday, September 16:
      • When Jennifer and Doc arrived, Commissioner Wilson had arrested Griff Tannen. She had also arrested Marty for his actions at the Fliderb, and told him that he'd likely get the same sage implant and personality rewrite that Griff Tannen had received.
      • Griff broke free and attempted to run them all over when Jennifer and Doc arrived in the DeLorean and knocked his hovercar out of the way. Marty got into the DeLorean and Jennifer attempted to outrun the police, who were in pursuit, along with Griff Tannen.
      • Doc informed Marty and Jennifer that every person in 2035 wore a suit outfitted with a hover technology protection that acted as a force field and made them bounce when hit. Knowing that the people would be unharmed, Jennifer sped full speed into a crowd of people. ***As the bouncing pedestrians blocked Griff's view, he did not see the sewage reclamation project ahead, and crashed into it.
      • Jennifer sped up to 88 m.p.h and traveled from 2035 back to 1986.

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