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Spike about to grab Marty Jr In his balls

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Spike at the highest point of the ball grab

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Spikes about to move down and his think u a. Nice girl

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Meanwhile... in Back to the Future Pt01:10

Meanwhile... in Back to the Future Pt. II

"His head's gone. It's like he's been erased."
"Erased from existence."
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Leslie spike O'Mally and Martin Mcfly Jr don't have anything romantic in the movie but I ship them.         In the cafe 80's Griff's gang aks Marty Jr to join them on there robbery and when Marty Jr says it might be dangerous spike takes her hand with a blade ring on her Index finger and another I don't know what to call.anyway she takes it across his cheak and says In a nice kind of way say's what's wrong mcfly?meanwhile while when she is moving across his cheak he has slight grin but _when she reaches his chin and looks nervous. Then she continues to move her hand down and say you got no scrote?.Grabing his balls and lifting him up and u hear the crunching of his balls.then she thows him on the counter and then Griff pulls him.the when Griff is talking to him you hear his voice has changed. Then when he says I want to discuss it with my father they all say your father and meanwhile he looking spike almost the whole time.and here is my theory on what happened to them after Marty Jr went to jail.the ring spike had on her other finger was. Engment ring but left whoever proposed to her.then she broke Marty Jr free and took him to her house.she the instuled something iin his scrotum for whenever he got jabbed there he would touch his belly botton and it would come back.I have way to much free time to think of this stuff.anyway they would live together but it was only spikes benefit at the start.but then spike got her legs inlogeted so she was 6,4.then she got a pad for her shoulders so that Marty Jr could get on.and something spike would have a blade ring iin her hair so when he got on it would jab his balls then he would slide down her arm on to her blade ring finger and lift I said WAY TO MUCH FREE TIME.and they live the house right now I will make fanfituons for u guys if there is anyone reading.soooooooooooo this is the start of a fanfic I will be talking in Marty Jr's POV OK OK .I woke up and went down stairs to the TV.spike came down and said mcfly want a shoulder ride and I said sure.she bent down I got on and her blade was there and I landed on it and then I slide down her arm and them she jabed has happened alot but I allow iit because she is sexy.I yelled owwwwwwwww then she flicked me off.then later at breakfast we sat at the counter and she said mcfly u have to tell about tonight's opportunity. Then she went to the store,the opportunity was being on her shoulders all sure that sounds good but after 5 minutes i would be sore.she. came back put her stuff down and put her blade on my cheak and said mcfly your hats screud up and she moved her hand down as she said it.then jabbed me in the croutch and lifted me up.I fell on the counter and she pulled me up.I fixed the area and she asked if I had diceded about the opportunity. I said It might be uncomfortable and dangerous like I could fall forward and hurt myself.she took her ring and said,what's wrong mcfly? You got no scrote? And jabbed me again.and she held me up there for a long time.then she flicked me off and pulled me up.I fixed the area and she said r u in or out I said I will think it over can I answer tommow she said tommow huh mcfly? With her ring on my cheek and said that is the wrong answer and lifted up and flung me over the counter and the impact nocked me out for about 5 minutes. I woke up and thought why am I letting her do this and I remembered her sexy face and got up.she then said let's hear the right answer. I said yes the she took her ring and said,well mcfly,I guess u do have a scrote and jabbed again.then we did the shoulder ride it was fun up there I mean I am 5'4 so take 3'3 and add that to 6'4 so I was 9'7 WOW.                                                              Thx for reading if u did I will make more in the future sorry if wasn't that interesting like I said I HAVE WAYYYYYY TO MUCH FREE TIME.bye!!!!!              Soooooo this is a start of another fanfic OK OK.IT is in 3rd person so ya.let's go.                                           They had just came upstairs from thier hoverbored room and Jr was in front so spike lifted him up on his shoulders but she had the blade on and crunched the balls he then slid down her armor and the got lifted by her finger blade and got lifted.she flicked him on the ground and he fixed his stuff and stood up and went to lunch.he sat at the table when spike took her ring and placed it on his cheek and said,what's wrong mcfly?you got no scrote,and then crunched his balls and when spike did it in the cafe 80's he was up there for only 2 seconds because data pushed him off but since he was not there she held him for 18 seconds and then threw him.he then rearranged his stuff and went to touch her chest and she said don't touch me until I say jump nice clothes but u wear these at night and grabed and lifted and then said your chest is a bear as baby's butt but your area is something I have nothing to comparare u too make the Halk look like pee wee Harman. She then said u call that a winner its to big and then she flung him off.she then took off her shoulder ring and put marty Jr on she had him try to reach the stair top from the ground and she wouldn't let him down till he got up.he did jizz about 6 times and was up there for 3 1/2 hours then managed to get up.spike the said come on my shoulders but she put the ring back on and crunched his balls and slide down her arm.spike then lifted him up by her finger blade and held him there for 26 seconds .when she first Jabbed his balls he looked nervous when she was moving her hand down,but now he has a grin the whole time probably because she says it in a sexy tone of voice and she has that face.he did always say owwwwwwwww on there but when she flung him off and when he fixed his area he was wellllllll.......u know.

This is the start of another fanfic OK OK it is in 3rd person again.

Spike came down stairs early tt 6:55 am about a hour before Marty Jr.he came down and spike went right to him and grabbed his crotch and lifted him up for 30 seconds nice way to wake up.then later she put him on her shoulders and for the 1st he slid up her head .then later at breakfast she said mcfly ubetter tell me your answer about tonight's opportunity. She then went to the store a d when she came back he asked what she got and she got hair stuff so it will look better.She then went to him and jabbed his balls and said that's for asking dumb questions.she the asked what is your dissen hesaid it might be dangerous. She then said what's wrong mcfly?got no scrote.and jabbed his balls.she then said u in or out he said I will think about iit she then said.with her ring on his cheak and said think about it huh mcfly?well that's the wrongggggg answer and jabbed. He got And she asked what is the right answer. He then said yes she then took her blade ring and said well mcfly,I guess u do have a scrote.and then jabbed. The opportunity was  bunji jumping from 3000 ft up while on her shoulders. They did and lived.

That is all for now I might not post anymore but I might think of 1 soooooo for now byyeeeeeee

That's the end there will be more but that is all for now OK byeeeeee

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