Travelers in a wagon train set up camp.

Camping is an activity where people stay outdoors, away from home, in a shelter such as a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome. Camping was once done out of necessity, such as the travelers crossing the Oregon Trail. However, by the 20th century, it became a recreational activity.

On March 3, 1850, Marty McFly, Jules Brown, and Verne Brown set up camp with the rest of the travelers while crossing the Oregon Trail.

In 1985, after Marty got his truck, Bobby joined Marty, Paul, and Lee in The Pinheads, when the four of them went on a camping trip. In the original timeline, when Marty didn't own the truck, they took a bus to the campsite instead.

Camping was one of the outdoor activities promoted by the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.


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