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The San Quentin State Prison is located in San Quentin, California, on the coast of San Francisco Bay, north of San Francisco. Opened in July 1852, it is the oldest prison in the state, and has the largest death row in the United States.[citation needed]

On October 22, 2015, Martin McFly Jr. was tried in a data-court, convicted, and sentenced to fifteen years in the California State Penitentiary found guilty for the Hill Valley Payroll Substation robbery, actually masterminded by Griff Tannen. The following week, Marlene McFly was sentenced to twenty years in the penitentiary for attempting to break Marty Jr. out of jail.

Marty Jr. was released in 2030, and Marlene was released in 2035.

These events were averted when Doc Brown arrived to 2015 from 1985. Marty McFly was bullied by Griff Tannen who mistook him for Marty Jr. In the ensuing fight, Griff and his gang crashed on the Courthouse Mall and they were jailed, preventing thus the forthcoming robbery

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