Bill Nye in Clara's Folks
Bill Nye
Biographical information
Date of birthNovember 27, 1955
Age (1955)0
Age (1985)30
Age (2015)60
Physical description
Behind-the-scenes information

Bill Nye (born November 27, 1955) is a science educator and television personality most famous for his television show Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Bill Nye made his first appearance on the live-action segments of Back to the Future: The Animated Series, performing science experiments in the video encyclopedia that the viewers could try for themselves at home. He had a line in one episode of the show.

In 2013, Nye appeared as himself in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Proton Displacement", as a new friend of Sheldon Cooper, only to later file a restraining order on him.


Nye's own show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, ended in 1998, the year that saw the release of The Powerpuff Girls, whose main character, Blossom, is voiced by Cathy Cavadini, who voiced Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future: The Animated Series.

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