The DeLorean hidden in the bear cave.

"Marty popped open the gullwing door [of the DeLorean] and peeked out. Everything was quiet. He climbed out of the car, breathing a sigh of relief. He had ended up in the gully, where he was supposed to be in the first place. There, a few feet away in front of him, was the cave where he was supposed to hide the DeLorean. He should be able to push the car that far without any trouble. The whole thing could have been worse."
—From Back to the Future Part III by Craig Shaw Gardner (quote, page 43)

The bear cave was a cave near the McFly Farm in 1885 and the Pohatchee Drive-In in 1955 that Marty McFly used to hide the DeLorean time machine upon arriving in 1885. He had to drive a little to reach it, but not before escaping the Pohatchee followed by the U.S. Cavalry. After both parties had passed, he noticed the smell of gasoline, which was leaking from the fuel line that he had ripped and the fuel tank went empty.

Marty also discovered that a black bear lived in the cave where he parked, and happened to be home at the time — forcing him to run out quickly and ditch his boots, which the bear began to sniff. Marty crested a hill and slid down, hitting a fence rail and knocking himself cold. Seamus McFly recovered him and took him to the McFly farm.

Despite the cave housing a bear, the DeLorean was apparently still protected, as it was later recovered by Emmett Brown and Marty, and taken to the livery stable in Hill Valley where Doc lived and worked as a blacksmith.


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