The salesman contemplates his barbwire sample while listening to Doc talking of his loss of Clara.

Burned-out High School

A chain-link fence topped with barbwire surrounds the burnt-out remains of Hill Valley High School in 1985A.

Barbwire, or barbed wire, was strong wire with sharp metal spikes running along it, and used in fencing.


In 1885, barbwire was fairly new and wouldn't become a common sight for some time.

A salesman selling this then new-fangled product had been traveling all over the country by the time he reached Hill Valley. He carried a sample of barbwire with him to show potential buyers.

Whether the salesman managed to sell any barbwire in Hill Valley before he departed on the train for San Francisco with a friend — a trip that was cut short twice, first due to Clara Clayton pulling the emergency cord, and then Locomotive 131 being hijacked by “Clint Eastwood” and Emmett Brown — remains unrecorded.

Barbwire was also used atop the chain-link fence surrounding the burnt-out remains of Hill Valley High School in 1985A, which also bore a NO TRESPASSING sign from the Hill Valley Police Department.


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