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Back to the Future Fan Club Magazine, Issue #4

Dan Madsen and John S. Davis


John S. Davis (Associate Editor)




Dan Madsen (President & Publisher) and Fan Clubs, Inc.

Publish date

Fall 1990



Back to the Future Fan Club Magazine, Issue #4 was published in Fall 1990 by Fan Clubs, Inc. of Aurora, Colorado. The issue is 13 pages.


  • Back to the Fans
Fan letters to the editor.
  • Back to the Future Time Travel Adventure Preview!
A preview of Back to the Future: The Ride, due to open in 1991.
  • Behind-the-Scenes
Michael Klastorin, Unit Publicist and co-author of the Official Book of the trilogy, related a few humorous incidents that happened on the set.
Three-page interview about the series, and Parts II and III.
  • Exclusive Interview: Lea Thompson, Looking Back at Lorraine, by Dan Madsen with Michael Klastorin
Two-page interview about her work and roles in the series.
  • Exclusive Interview: Robert Zemeckis, Behind The Camera On Back To the Future, by Dan Madsen with Michael Klastorin
Three pages with a wide variety of questions for the director.
  • Exclusive Interview: Behind-The Scene Illusions of Back To The Future, by Desire’ Gonzales
Two pages about the special effect props for Part II and Part III.
  • Official Back to the Future Merchandise

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