Back to the Future Fan Club Magazine, Issue #2

Dan Madsen and John S. Davis


John S. Davis (Associate Editor)




Dan Madsen (President & Publisher) and Fan Clubs, Inc.

Publish date

Spring 1990



Back to the Future Fan Club Magazine, Issue #2 was published in Spring 1990 by Fan Clubs, Inc. of Aurora, Colorado. The issue is 13 pages.


  • Back to the Fans
Fan letters to the editor.
  • What Does the Future Hold for Back to the Future? By John S. Davis
Speculates at the plot of Back to the Future Part III before it was released.
Includes a diagram of the space-time continuum timeline, incorrectly guessing that 2015 Biff took the DeLorean to 1955 and then 1885 before returning, and that both Marty and Doc may both return to 1985 at the end of Back to the Future Part III.
Five pages in which he discussed acting in the series.
  • Official Back to the Future Merchandise
  • Exclusive Fan Club Preview, Back to the Future Part III
Three photos from the movie.
  • The Special Effects of Back to the Future, by John S. Davis
VistaGlide and the computer-generated shark in Back to the Future Part II.
  • Convention Listing (June 1990)

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