August 17 is the 229th day of the year.


  • 1931, Monday: Marty McFly arrives on this day at 5:00 AM to find the elder Doc Emmett Brown before his death on the following day. He discovers his friend is in prison and is instructed to find the younger, residential version of Emmett to help him complete his rocket-powered drill. In the process of doing so, Marty gives a subpoena to his grandfather Arthur McFly, prompting Kid Tannen to arrange for the latter's death. Marty is successful in freeing Doc, only for them to discover of Arthur's death.[1]
    • Marty returns to this day earlier to save his grandfather from being murdered by Kid.[2]

Behind the scenes




  1. Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #1
  2. Back to the Future: Citizen Brown #2

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