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Andrew Chaikin
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Andrew Chaikin is a voice actor that provided the voice of Biff Tannen and his relatives Cliff Tannen and Riff Tannen in Back to the Future: The Game. In the 30th Anniversary version of the game, while Chaikin remained the voice actor of Cliff and Riff, his lines for Biff were re-recorded by Thomas F. Wilson, Biff's original actor.

In 2003, Chaikin did voice work for the video game adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (which also used an archive recording of Elijah Wood).

Music career

He is also an accomplished signer, beatboxer, and song writer, going by the name Kid Beyond. He recorded songs for multiple Harmonix games, including the Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution series. He is also known for his innovative live looping techniques, using software on a laptop to layer and loop live vocal and vocal percussion recordings.

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