Al's Tatoo Art Studio - Goldie Wilson Campaign Headquarters

The former premises of Al's Tatoo and Art Studio (on the far left).

Al's Tatoo and Art Studio was a tatoo studio located in Courthouse Square in Hill Valley that worked between 1955 and 1985.

By 1985, Al and his business moved to Burbank and the building was sold by the Harry Kaven Realty. The sign of the Blue Bird Motel was still over the entrance and its green awnings had been torn.

The left-hand window bore hand-painted lettering reading AL HAS MOVED / SO LONG HILL VALLEY and OUT OF BUSINESS, while that on the right-hand window read NO TRESPASSING and KEEP OUT.

By 2015, the facade of the building was repainted and the building was occupied by Sight Sound & Mind.


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