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3-D, Skinhead, Match 1955 biff's gang‎Left to right: 3-D, Skinhead and Match
Biographical information
Date of birth1938
Age (1955)16
Age (1985)46
Age (2015)76
Physical description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorUnknown (eyes hidden behind 3-D glasses)
Behind-the-scenes information
Played byCasey Siemaszko
Voiced byCasey Siemaszko

3-D was one of the three high school boys who made up Biff Tannen's gang in 1955. He got his nickname from a distinctive character trait; "3-D" was always wearing a pair of cardboard 3-D glasses with red and blue lenses, which were worn in theaters when watching 3-dimensional movies. 


Along with Skinhead and Match, the adult 3-D served as one of Biff's bodyguards in 1985A. On this occasion, his glasses are not cardboard; instead, they are customized aviators which have red and blue lenses like his old 3-D glasses.

It remains unclear as to whether 3-D was still living in Hill Valley in 1985 and 2015.

Behind the scenes

  • 3-D was portrayed by Casey Siemaszko.
  • 3-D screams hysterically when entering Biff's car. It is said that this was mostly improvisation.
  • He was never referred to by his real name or his nickname. His nickname is only given in the films' novelizations, screenplays and credits.


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