1986I was an ABC timeline and a year in the 20th century. It was created when Emmett Brown traveled to 1931.

Doc's garage is under foreclosure from the bank, and the contents within are being put up for sale in an estate sale. Marty goes to the estate sale to try to get his father, George McFly, who is sorting the merchandise for the bank, to get the bank to stop the sale. George tells Marty that there is no way that it can be stopped, as Doc hasn't paid taxes on his garage, and neither he nor the bank haven't seen him for six months.

Marty tells George that he knows that Doc is OK, but can't tell him how he knows. At that moment, the temporal duplicate DeLorean arrived via the automatic retrieval system Doc had installed.

Doc wasn't in the time machine, but Marty learned, from a stack of newspapers kept by Edna Strickland, that Doc had been killed by Kid Tannen in 1931. He dressed in a suit that his girlfriend's father had, in order to blend in, and took the DeLorean to 1931.


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