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Courthouse Square in 1986B

1986B was a timeline created as a result of the actions of Marty McFly and Emmett Brown in 1931 after they made the alterations necessary to prevent Irving "Kid" Tannen from expanding his gang into the Tannen Crime Family to create the alternate 1986. Their actions had the unintended side effect of causing the young Emmett Brown to not watch the film Frankenstein, but instead pursue a romantic relationship with, and eventually marry, Edna Strickland. This resulted in a drastic change to Hill Valley and to Emmett Brown, where the town was a utilitarian gated community designed and overseen by the mysterious First Citizen Brown (although the real mastermind was his wife Edna, who had manipulated him into implementing her grand vision). Due to Emmett Brown never inventing time travel, he never went back to 1885 and saved Clara Clayton, and as a result, Shonash Ravine was renamed Clayton Ravine rather than Eastwood Ravine. This timeline was later changed, replacing it with another alternate 1986 almost identical to Marty's 1985.

New technology


The statue in courthouse square

New locations

BttF EP3 SS2

Marty McFly in 1986B


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